1. Every person in the accommodation facility is obliged to read and adhere to these rules.
  2. Only people using the accommodation facility on the basis of a valid agreement or guests of those people reported at reception can be present in the accommodation facility.
  3. Loss of an entry card must be reported at the reception immediately. Blocking the original card and issuing a new card is subject to a charge of 300 CZK.
  4. Pets are not allowed in the accommodation facility.
  5. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the property and is subject to a 5 000 CZK
    fine. If fire detectors are triggered in any way, and therefore causing a false fire alarm, the person or persons who caused the fire alarm is obliged to pay the full call-out charges for fire brigade vehicles.
  6. Household waste must only be disposed of in containers provided for this purpose. This includes waste sorting – paper, plastic, glass and mixed waste.
  7. People located in the accommodation facility are obliged to keep their accommodation and its surroundings clean and tidy and observe the quiet hours between 10 PM and 6 AM. In case of breaching quiet hours, Zeitraum is entitled to impose the fine as follows:
    • first time breaching quiet hours – 3 000 CZK
    • second time breaching quiet hours – 5 000 CZK
    • third time breaching quiet hours – 10 000 CZK


    Zeitraum is entitled to terminate the Agreement before the agreed Sublease Period expires if the Client breaches their obligations under the House rules despite the call.

  8. Making any construction modifications or other changes to the accommodation facility is forbidden.
  9. Any need for repairs must be notified to the accommodation facility operator without undue delay (no later than 48 hours). If possible, these repairs shall be made without undue delay, due to their nature.
  10. The accommodation facility operator is not responsible for damages to property located on the accommodation facility premises or for theft of items left in accommodation facility’s freely accessible parts.
  11. People are liable for damages caused to the accommodation facility and its equipment by failing to observe the above instructions, due to their own negligence or intention according to generally binding legislation.
  12. Every person in the accommodation facility is obliged to follow the fire regulations, become acquainted with the alarm regulations, or any other published documentation and follow these orders to ensure fire protection.
  13. All requests, comments and complaints regarding using the accommodation facility should be directed to its operator.
  14. People using the accommodation facility are obliged to announce their departure time on the day of departure, so that the room can be checked and the equipment can be taken over in advance. The entry card must be handed in at reception and check-out is no later than at 11 AM.
  15. In case of breaching any of the house rules above, Zeitraum is entitled to impose the appropriate fine.
  16. These House Rules shall enter into force on 30.10.2023.

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